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What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is among the diseases that cause irreversible blindness in throughout the world. If diagnosed as early as possible it can be treated. The condition affects the optic nerves making Depositphotos_65090913_s-2015them weaker each and every day. It causes the buildup of pressure that is known as the intraocular pressure inside the eye. The pressure is attributed to the fluid known as aqueous humor that circulates in the front eye. If the channels that allow the flow of this fluid are blocked the pressure is build up. The optic nerves are known to transmit images to the brain, and once they are exerted to pressure, vision is lost. The condition is hereditary, but its symptoms are not noticed at an early age but are noticed later in life when the person is a bit grown up.

Glaucoma is categorized into two main types. These types include open angle and narrow-angle.

• Open-Angle Glaucoma
This is a condition in which the aqueous can access the drainage. There are several variations of this condition. These include congenital, secondary, pseudoexfoliation, pigmentary, normal-tension and Primary Glaucoma.

Narrow-Angle Glaucoma
This is a condition at which the aqueous cannot reach the drainage angle. It has different variations that include neovascular, chronic angle closure, and acute angle closure Glaucoma.Open angle is more prevalent than narrow-angle Glaucoma.


As said earlier, the condition is hereditary but the symptoms are seen later in life. The disease affects adults over 40 years, but there are recent cases of it affecting young people. The symptoms are sometimes not so violent and hence most of the people may ignore them. This is why it is advisable to get a checkup from a qualified medical practitioner. Below are some of the symptoms of this conditions.
• Pain in the eye

• Feeling of nausea or vomiting

• Redness in the eye

• Experiencing vision loss

• Seeing of halos around lights

• Eyes that looks hazy especially in the eye

• Narrowing of vision an condition known as tunnel vision

Sudden a headache

Patients with some other conditions like diabetes, poor vision, have a family history of Glaucoma, and are over 40 years should have a thorough eye examination to ensure they are safe from this condition.

As mentioned earlier, Glaucoma main cause is the imbalance of the intraocular fluid and the amount that drains away. This causes a lot of pressure to be exerted on the eye resulting in this condition. There are other conditions that can cause Glaucoma. These causes includes:

• Poor blood flow
Blood is the key component of a good and healthy body. The amount of fluid that circulates the eye is determined by the flow of blood. If the blood is flowing at a low rate, the amount of fluid circulating decreases hence lowering the vision. This also causes an imbalance of the fluid in the eye leading to Glaucoma.

• Optic nerve damage
When a person has a high pressure sensitive optic nerves, he or she is prone to this condition. People with this problem should be thoroughly checked to avoid this condition.

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